help made easy, from mums to mums

There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.  Let’s connect with the purpose of helping one another.

We are a network of trusted mums willing to help each other out in our local area.  Any kind of help, anywhere in Australia, anytime.  Whether you are a new mum, or your children are growing up, you’re taking a break from work or you’re currently working (in addition to the hard work of being a mum!), you are preparing for a new challenge or you’re finding yourself in a great moment of comfort (finally!) in your life, Jugglr is for you.  We are a mobile platform where mums go to help each other out.

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Mums near you are willing to help

Search for mums in your local area who are willing to help with everything from picking up the kids to learning a new hobby.  Get some help around the home or some coaching to nail your next job interview! New to the area? Find mums to arrange playdates or to have some girls’ time out.

Share your needs and offers with other local mums

Jugglr has a simple and quick sign up process that lets you share with other mums in your local area what type of help you need and how you can help in return.  You can offer anything and get practical help in line with your unique and specific needs, including paying for services or getting paid for your help!

Get to know mums in your local area

Use the search tool in ‘map’ and ‘list’ views to find mums that have needs and offers which match what you’re looking for.  Don’t be shy, chat and shortlist them… If they shortlist you back you are a match!  It’s up to you to make the most of Jugglr’s trusted network and get to know mums like you, willing to connect with the purpose of helping one another.

Make mutual arrangements using the 'make an offer' functionality

Have you found a mum who can help? Chat with her and arrange details of how you can help each other out.  When you’re ready tap the ‘make an offer’ button, this allows you to enter details and share mutual arrangements.  All offers will be loaded in your ‘to do’s’ list for easy tracking, update and completion.

Too busy to look for mums who can help? We've got you covered!

Sometimes is just too hard to look for mums who can help.  If this is your case, we’ve got you covered! Go to ‘marketplace’ where you can post a ‘job’ or offer a ‘service’ for all other mums to review and apply.

Track tasks, stay connected and provide feedback to other mums

Jugglr provides you the ability to track tasks with ‘my to do’s’, stay connected with ‘my connections’ and ‘my chats’ and provide useful feedback with our simple yet effective rating system.