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Jugglr is an app connecting you with other local mums willing to help. From playdates to sharing house chores, from personal training to career coaching, from kids tutoring to girls’ time out.
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Kelly & Hayley

Practical support

‘I desperately needed a place to stay, was in a rough patch in my life and so many mums came to help.’

Julie & Emma

Some ‘me time’ at last!

‘I was going through so much, all I needed was a great massage and a friendly chat.’

Michelle & Chloe

Playdate and friends

‘I wanted my little one to interact with other babies, through Jugglr I found many mums willing to meet and organise playdates.’

Laura & Amanda

Girls’ time out

‘Busy mum often means no time for yourself, thanks to Jugglr I arranged some quality time out with mums in my neighborhood.’

Kate & Denise

Launch your home-business

‘I just started my event planning business, Jugglr is the perfect place to help other mummies with birthday parties and family occasions.’

Rebecca & Fiona

Nail your dream job

‘I’m excited at the idea of doing some craft work for other mums and their babies! That’s what I love to do!’

Amanda & Michelle

Help mums and get things done

‘What do you do if you have a baby and your washing machine breaks down? At first i panicked, then I went to Jugglr and found a mum who helped me out.’

Andrea & Jessica

Practical and mental support

‘I had a difficult time after my son’s birth. Jugglr was the blessing that I needed… I found so many local mums who helped me, physically and mentally!’

Kristy & Joanne

Earn extra income

‘I wanted to earn some extra income out of my passion for drawing. It seemed impossible with two kids until I found Jugglr and met the best babysitter ever!’

Be yourself!

What is the first thing about you that mums in Jugglr see? Your profile! Just be yourself, share your reasons to join our trusted community and use our app for mums to let us know what help you need and how you can help in return.

Find and meet mums like you

Who has the time to find help, right? We get it… that’s why we’ve made things simple with a map view and a list view. Our search will help you narrow down quickly to find your best matches. Also, let life surprise you and just browse for friends in your local area.

Connect and make friends

You find some mums you like… they are local… ‘shall I make the first step?!’… why not!? We’re all trusted mums in Jugglr. If we’re here, it means we want to connect, share and care for one another. Make contact and also connect back when other mums contact you. I’ll share a secret… keep ‘notifications on’ to make the most of our network of mums!

Build your network of help

Found a mum that you really like but don’t have time right now… It also happens to us all the time. We have a suggestion, save your favourite mums in your connections with a simple tap! If they add you back you are a perfect match!

Too busy right now? We’ve got you covered!

Sometimes it’s just too hard to look for mums who can help… It sucks, we’ve been there too and we’ve got you covered! In marketplace you can post a ‘job’ or offer a ‘service’ in three easy steps. If you have notifications on, local mums will get in touch soon and you won’t need to keep checking.

Track and complete tasks and provide feedback on your experience!

Mummy life can be busy and messy… wouldn’t it be great to have all tasks arranged with other mums in one place? We think so too, and have created my to-do’s. From there you can track and complete tasks and provide useful feedback with our simple yet effective rating system.

There is no help mums in Jugglr are not able to offer! If you can think of it, you can Jugglr it!