Jugglr helps you organise playdates and make friends with other mums!

As a mum of a very young child, you know how important it is for your little one to interact with children of similar age to help her development. Organise playdates with Jugglr today!
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Organise playdates, meet new mums and chat about all things going on in your life.

Becoming a new mum brings great excitement but also a lot of stress! We all need mums friends to share the new experience of having a baby and to talk about their development.
Connecting with other ‘new mums’ in our local area we help our little ones socialise with other babies and find ‘new friends’ for us to relax while our children are naturally entertained! Organise playdates through Jugglr and make sure your little one is given the best exposure to others.
Bye bye stress, welcome Jugglr mums! Let’s come back home recharged and more loving to our families.

It’s easy to connect and make arrangements with mums in Jugglr using ‘chat’, ‘my connections’ and ‘my to-dos’. You can easily organise meetings, playdates and other activities for yourself and your little ones!

Meeting new mums in Jugglr makes you feel you are not alone going through this beautiful journey called ‘motherhood’. Let other mums share their experiences with you, it may be helpful to know how they juggle.

You’re a mum now, but you’re not LESS important than nine months ago! You are MORE important now and can always do more for yourself! Happy mum, happy baby! So let Jugglr help you!

Organise playdates for your baby, make new friends.

Michelle & Chloe

‘I wanted my little one to interact with other babies, through Jugglr I found many mums willing to meet and organise playdates.’

Kate & Denise

‘I just started my event planning business, Jugglr is the perfect place to help other mummies with birthday parties and family occasions.’

Rebecca & Fiona

‘I’m excited at the idea of doing some craft work for other mums and their babies! That’s what I love to do!’

Andrea & Jessica

‘I had a difficult time after my son’s birth. Jugglr was the blessing that I needed… I found so many local mums who helped me, physically and mentally!’

Kelly & Hayley

‘I desperately needed a place to stay, was in a rough patch in my life and so many mums came to help.’

Amanda & Michelle

‘What do you do if you have a baby and your washing machine breaks down? At first i panicked, then I went to Jugglr and found a mum who helped me out.’

Laura & Amanda

‘Busy mum often means no time for yourself, thanks to Jugglr I arranged some quality time out with mums in my neighborhood.’

Kristy & Joanne

‘I wanted to earn some extra income out of my passion for drawing. It seemed impossible with two kids until I found Jugglr and met the best babysitter ever!’

Julie & Emma

‘I was going through so much, all I needed was a great massage and a friendly chat.’

There is no help mums in Jugglr are not able to offer! If you can think of it, you can Jugglr it!